Formed in 1937, Engineering Iron and Steel Association of Zimbabwe is a legally constituted body that represent and serve the interests of all employers in the engineering ,iron and steel industry. Its members are involved in mechanical engineering, general engineering, agricultural engineering, structural engineering, foundries, building and assembly of bodies for vehicle chassis of passenger goods and or bulk careers, commercial refrigeration, mining engineering and electrical/electronic engineering.

EISAZ`s panoramic view is to be a recognized leader in the sustainable production and supply of value added iron and steel products and engineering services.

The Association strongly believe in teamwork, transparency, integrity, innovation, effective communication and positive thinking.

Our Association is divided into two regions namely Western and Eastern regions. Each region is governed by a regional council led by a chairperson and a deputy chairperson. The Regional Councils are accountable to the Association`s National Executive Council which comprises of the Association`s president, vice president, immediate past president and the regional chairpersons and their deputies. The Association has a vibrant team of relevant experts led by a Secretary General who oversees the day today management affairs of EISAZ`s business.

  1. Every member shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the provisions of this Constitution and any Rules, made in terms hereof, including any amendments made thereto.
  2. Every member shall pay to the Association the annual subscription payable by it in terms of Section. 9
  3. Every member shall have the right through its nominee to attend and to speak at any special general or annual general meeting of the Association or the Regional Council provided that that nominee may only vote at his particular Regional Council meetings and at Special or Annual General Meetings of the Association.
  4. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution and any Rules, every member shall have the right to stand for election to his particular Regional Council.  He shall also have the right to stand for election to the posts of President or Vice-President of the National Executive Council.
  5. Every member shall have the right to submit proposals for consideration by his particular Regional Council at Ordinary, Special or Annual General Meetings.  Every member shall also have the right to submit proposals to the National Executive Council meetings or to a Special or Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  6. A member who has been suspended in terms of Section 11 shall cease to be entitled to any of the rights or benefits of membership during the period of his suspension.
We provide assistance, services, and support to members on matters concerning their day-to-day workplace concerns and problems, specifically on business, industrial relations, human resources management, and occupational safety and health.

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