The Engineering Iron and Steel Association of Zimbabwe (EISAZ) would like to congratulate all businesses and relevant stakeholders in the Engineering, Iron and Steel Industry of Zimbabwe for the successful launch of the Engineering, Iron and Steel sector Strategy on 27th of May 2022, at Cresta Lodge, Harare. The strategy was officially launched by the Secretary for Ministry of Industry and Commerce Dr Mavis Sibanda, standing in for the Minister, Hon Dr Sekai Nzenza.

This Strategy calls for collaborative efforts to ensure it continues to be a living document and transform our Industry. Our concerted efforts, will indeed make up the history of the industry revival. The sector strategy has the following vision and mission:

Vision: “A vibrant, dynamic and competitive sector anchored by smart and strategic value chain linkages that fully embrace adaptive and smart technologies to locally produce world-class value-added engineering, iron and steel products and services, thereby generating USD 6Billion annually and employing 50,000 people by 2026.” will only be a reality if we all work towards the achievement of it.

Mission: “To be the preferred provider of high quality and globally competitive value-added engineering, iron and steel products and services for the domestic and regional market through the use of smart, sustainable and locally adapted technologies to create employment for the nation and improve the country’s gross domestic product.”

The strategy focuses on the following 7 key strategies:

  1. Establish stable and sufficient primary steel production capacity to meet the present and future needs of the sector.
  2. Establish a well-defined, transparent and Local Scrap Value Chain that ensures maximum utilisation of local scrap for the local industry to increase capacity utilisation of subsectors such as primary steel production and foundries.
  3. Import Substitution and Exports promotion for engineering, iron and steel products and services.
  4. Strengthening and Capacitation of Industry representing institutions.
  5. Establish robust and inclusive funding facilities for CAPEX and Working Capital for the attractive and strategic local engineering, iron and steel value chains.
  6. Human capital development through synergies with training institutions and technology suppliers to enhance competitiveness.
  7. Inclusion of MSMEs in value chain and formalisation of the informal sector.

Implementation of these strategies will be closely monitored and evaluated through the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Capacity utilization
  • Employment levels
  • Revenue generation


Download “Engineering-Iron-And-Steel-Sector-Strategy-2022-2026.pdf”

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Author: Team EISAZ


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